123 Farm

Lavender Set

This special gift set includes some of our most popular items:

The Lavender Sleep Mist: Made of organic lavender hydrosol and lavender essential oil. Lavender helps soothe and calm you, helping you with better sleep. Unlike other commercial sleep mists, our products do not contain any harmful chemicals or preservatives. Our products are safe to be used on the body or just as mother nature intended. 

Lavender Tranquil Roller: Bring the relaxing aroma of lavender everywhere you go. Blended with organic sunflower oil and hand-harvested lavender from our farm, apply this roller to pulse points to rejuvenate your senses.

Lavender Sachet: Dried Lavender flowers from our organic farm. Use this sachet to infuse your closet, dresser, or even your car with the long-lasting scent of lavender. 



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