123 Farm is hosted on the 2400 acre property of Highland Springs Resort, an historical landmark in the southern California region known as San Gorgonio Pass. Originally a three story hotel serving the early railroad built through the area in the late 1800s, Highland Springs eventually became a popular health resort in 1927 under the ownership of Fred and William Hirsch.


The emphasis on health continues to this day, centering around our 20 acres of organic herbs. Our largest crop is lavender, which by no coincidence does not appeal to the local squirrels, rabbits, birds and bears. This eliminates the need for fencing and allows the wildlife to roam freely among the plants. Our crops are fed by natural spring water piped down from the surrounding hills into our own private reservoir, and of course we use absolutely no pesticides, artificial fertilizers or harmful chemicals.


We painstakingly weed and hand-pick our crops, saving the discarded herbs after distillation for compost. All of our essential oils, hydrosols and dried herb products reflect the care we put into our entire process of organic farming. This care is representative of our commitment to natural and historical integrity of the land, Highland Springs Resort and the surrounding community.


123 Farm is certified organic by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), adhering to strict state and federal standards.