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Essential Oil - Lavender Grosso


Lavender Essential Oil offers a range of benefits. Initially invigorating, it transitions to calming and soothing effects over time. Lavender oil is effective in alleviating stress and nervous tension. Additionally, it is highly beneficial for treating various skin conditions such as sores, burns, insect bites, eczema, acne, and psoriasis.

Organically grown lavender, steam distilled in small batches. Sourced from small-scale, family-operated lavender farms in the USA.

Available in 0.33 oz.

We do not promote ingesting essential oils or applying them directly onto your skin. Although lavender essential oil is gentle, essential oils in general are highly potent and the recommended dilution is one drop of essential oil to every teaspoon of carrier oil. You may want to do a skin patch test to see how your skin reacts to these oils. Tolerance to essential oils vary from person to person.

Lavender is the main crop grown at 123 Farm. It was initially selected as a focus for our farm because it is known to grow well in our local climate, requires little water, and does not attract many bugs or other wildlife, and after finding success, we now grow over 100 different varieties. 

We lab-test all of our essential oils to check the quality of what we’re producing and to see what may need improving. Our lavender essential oil test results showed a moderate amount of cineole, which is a soothing component found in many other aromatic plants that helps fight inflammation. Our results also indicated an ample amount of linalool, which is the component that assists with sedating, meaning it’s great for calming nerves and helping with sleep. Those two factors prove that our lavender essential oil is quite effective at calming your nerves and fighting inflammation.

We truly enjoy putting our efforts into the way we care for our plants. Our lavender is planted by hand, watered by mountain springs in the northern part of our 2400 acre property, harvested by hand, and distilled right onsite. We even try to limit the amount of emissions in the fields by using electric-powered vehicles and prohibiting pets on the premises. 

Once harvesting season comes along, which is typically June through August, we work in the early hours of the morning when the oils are most concentrated and hand-harvest the stalks of lavender. The essential oil never touches any plastic so as to ensure that there is no leaching of any chemicals, resulting in a product that is pure and 70 times more concentrated than the plant itself. 

We work hard to achieve a level of organic that goes beyond a little logo with you, our consumer, in mind.

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