Bring the relaxing aroma of lavender everywhere you go with our Lavender Tranquil Roller. A blend of organic sunflower oil and hand-harvested lavender from our farm, this pocket-sized roll-on bottle is perfect to carry around and use throughout your day!

Here are a few tips to make the most out of your Tranquil Roller:

Start your day by fighting off anxiety and stress by applying to your wrists, temples, and chest, places that are naturally warmer, to help intensify the fragrance of the roller. You can also apply a bit to your palms and inhale deeply, then hop into a hot shower to let the scent continue to soothe you. 

Carry a roller with you and apply to the back of your neck and temples when you start to feel tension in the head or neck. 

It will also help with minor skin irritations, making it perfect for your active little ones. Apply gently to inflamed skin or small abrasions after gently washing the area with soap and warm water, or use it as a natural insect repellent! 

Don’t forget to keep a roller on your nightstand to apply to your neck, temples, and chest to calm the mind and enhance your quality of sleep.