Best suited for oily or acne prone skin

Designed to help rebalance your skin, this 6-piece set housed in a beautiful gift box includes a couple brand new items along with some well-known floral favorites. Follow up your cleansing routine with the steps below to wake up with a bright and balanced complexion! 

Our Lavender Toner with witch hazel and lavender floral water is a botanical boost for oily and combination skin. Floral water helps soothe and reduce inflammation and sun damaged skin while witch hazel tones and preps it to retain moisture. Mist your face then gently pat the toner into your skin.

Apply a few drops of our Lavender Serum, being sure to keep the oil from going into your eyes. Argan oil makes up the base of this serum, which helps balance and neutralize oil production without clogging up your pores. It’s also great at helping fine lines appear reduced by tightening and improving elasticity. The addition of Lavender essential oil is what helps target additional issues related to acne. With it fighting against bacteria, lavender can help prevent acne and heal scarring by promoting tissue growth. It also helps unclog pores, adding more oomph to argan oil’s benefits.

The last step is applying Lavender Lip Balm to your lips (and to your cuticles if you’ve been neglecting them), rubbing in the Sleep Balm on any dry spots on your face and body, and finding a nice resting place for your sachet near your bed! 

Add the Face Mask with Lavender and Oatmeal 1-2 times a week into your cleansing routine. If you really want to step up the benefits of this face mask, lightly wet your face with toner after cleansing, mix a few drops of the Lavender Serum instead of water in with a spoonful of the face mask and apply the mixture, leaving it on until all areas are dry. Rinse off, pat dry, and continue with the above routine!