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Spices - Kampot Black Pepper


The pepper plant is a vining plant that can be grown in many areas, but Kampot Pepper, grown in Cambodia, is the only pepper in the world to have attained Protected Geographic Indication (PGI), similar to Champagne, Cognac or Stilton Cheese. It is organically grown and can only be grown in that specific region. The mineral-rich soil and rainy weather in the high elevation areas are perfect for the production of piperine, (the main component in pepper).

When consumed, piperine causes mild irritation and inflammation in the mouth, leading to additional sensitivity of the taste receptors. Saltiness, acidity (i.e., sourness), and feelings of hot and cold are generally the most impacted by this inflammation as all of these sensations are enhanced.

Kampot Pepper keeps the taste buds awake longer and reveals outstanding floral, eucalyptus, and citrus flavors unlike any other pepper, further enhancing the flavor in foods.

0.5 oz.

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