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Lavender Sleep Mist & Reusable Cotton Face Mask Bundle


The main component of our Lavender Sleep Mist is hydrosol, which is a byproduct when distilling essential oil that still contains many of the therapeutic properties of lavender. Certain types of lavender adapt to what your body needs, so their hydrosols can not only soothe and relax you but also uplift you! Lavender hydrosol also works as an antiseptic and helps cool you down, so as we take on summer and continue to properly use face coverings, our Sleep Mist is perfect to refresh yourself AND your mask with*!

• 2 oz. Lavender Sleep Mist

• Reusable Cotton Face Mask

*The Sleep Mist is not an alternative to washing your mask properly! Please be sure to let your mask dry fully before using again. 

Masks are final sale and cannot be refunded or exchanged. 

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