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Herbs - Nettle


Nettles grow wild in sunny areas along streams, ditches and in fields throughout North American. Once used across multiple continents as a nutritious, high-protein, high-vitamin and mineral complement to meats and starches, nettles have fallen out of use in modern times. Nettle contains calcium and magnesium in a form which is easily absorbed by our bodies, making it a powerhouse of nutrition to promote healthy bones, teeth, and hair.

Nettle infusions are recommended for those wanting to stabilize blood sugar, normalize weight, reduce fatigue, restore adrenal potency, lessen allergic and menopausal problems and eliminate chronic headaches. It can also help with seasonal allergies.

Nettle has a somewhat grassy flavor which as a tea or infusion becomes more palatable when incorporated in a blend with spearmint or green tea.

0.5 oz.

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